Transponder Repair

If you have a dead or dying transponder, and think its the battery then send it to us and we can replace it. Transponder repair is on a No Win No Fee, so if your Transponder doesn't work, you wont have to pay for it, apart from return postage. We can also replace the outer case on the  older type TranX 160 and TranX 260 Transponders.They can be in Yellow or Red. We can replace a battery in a week, a case in a day. If you have not got your Transponder in time, you can hire a Transponder from us. Please Book in advance.

We are the Original UK repairers of AMB transponders, tried and trusted!

We repair transponders for most of the tracks, kart clubs and suppliers of AMB units in the UK and Europe, we currently have successfully completed over 2,000 units! In addition Motocross riders, Superbike riders, car drivers all entrust their transponders to us. The distributors of AMB/MyLaps use our services!

If your transponder case is broken you can get a new case on your transponder, this is only on the old type transponder, this is the one with the lid and 4 screws in each corner. These cases come in red and yellow, the red ones for the TranX 260 and the yellow ones for the TranX 160.

We can generally repair around 80% of units, if yours is one of the unlucky few then we can source new units at a significant discount with full AMB warranty.